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YOUNG SKATERS | Learning figure skating

Figure skating, both in the variant with roller skates and with ice skates, is a sport that can be practiced from an early age, because it helps children increase certain skills and is suitable for following the development of the body of the youngest ones, without generating trauma or excessive muscle growth.

The various courses that the child can take at school age to learn figure skating are mainly aimed at introducing the key steps of the discipline (forward, backward, crossed) and to improve motor coordination and balance, also favoring muscle development, agility and mastery of the body and reflexes.

The benefits for the child are manifold: improvement of the motor functions, of the musculoskeletal, respiratory and cardiocirculatory apparatus; also, fat-burning function that figure skating can carry on if practiced with the right intensity and regularity, thus allowing young skaters to have control of their body already at an early age.

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