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X-Games | 25 years as the reference for extreme sports

Born in 1994 at the behest of the American ESPN broadcaster, the X-Games have been for years the event par excellence of extreme sports, divided into a winter session that takes place in Aspen, Colorado, and a summer one, held in Los Angeles. Widely spread to the public thanks to the great media coverage, this event has always been followed by a passionate and festive audience, so much so that, to seal the thirst for fun of this crowd, now for years the X-Fest, has been held as a collateral festival, a gathering that offers to the public music, food, the interactive village, where people have the possibility of coming into direct contact with the athletes and autograph sessions.

Until a few years ago, among the categories in the competition, there was also skating, with the aggressive inline and the spectacle of the Vert, triple and tricks. Despite the high coefficient of difficulty and great number of fans, other types of competition have gained space, such as the Moto X Freestyle and the Flat Track, thus removing the category of the aggressive, which has nevertheless written pages of history of this spectacular event.

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