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WINTER TRAINING | Keeping fit with skates

During the winter season, the time available for skating training decreases, due to the limited hours of light and the cold, which can be an enemy of the skater. However, we can continue to skate and practice on our beloved skates by working more concentrated and using strategic measures.

First of all, we need to equip ourselves with some high visibility devices, because we will not always have the chance to work out in the sunlight, and more generally the weather conditions are worse than in the summer. Reflective strips, LED lights and reflective harnesses will have to be part of our winter training kit for road skating. On the other hand, the cold may seem like a difficult obstacle to overcome, but it is enough to hold tight the first few moments of the session, then our body will start burning calories and this will effectively counteract the cold temperature; for this reason, we must pay attention not to hyper-dress ourselves, taking care to cover the hands and feet, the peripheral areas, where the blood is more difficult to arrive, with gloves and thermal overskates. For the most cold-suffering people, it is also recommended a hat in technical material.

For lovers of figure skating, however, the winter season is perfect to replace the training on the wheels with the blade: in fact, the spots to skate on ice are multiplied, indoor and outdoor, in some cases even totally free, like lakes and canals; we always have to check the safety of the ice by consulting local administrations and skater associations.

As a training, we can reduce the time of each session and make it more intense, so as to favor our explosiveness and maintain a fair degree of strength and speed. We aim more at maintaining our physical form, rather than looking for performance at any cost: this may be the next step, starting from spring and especially in summer.

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