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VIPER HC | Performance and safety

If you are looking for a reliable, precise and high-performance ice hockey skate, Viper HC is for you. The construction and the materials used, the result of incessant work by Fila Skates R&D team, are the top for performance, safety and comfort, all aimed at maximizing your experience on skates and allowing you to elevate your game.

The shoe is constructed using sturdy synthetic leather, with a padded velvet lining for greater thermal insulation and raised felt tongue to optimize fit and protection from bumps with sticks and opponents. The internal structure, with anatomical padding, allows a better transmission of force to the blade, for more precise movements and changes of direction clean and rapid. The lacing is simple and fast, even with the gloves worn. The reinforcement on the toecap and the rear spoiler, made of synthetic material, increase the protection in the most intense game situations, favoring an even more brilliant performance. The blade holder is made of ultra-light material, to facilitate the maneuverability of the gear. The blade, with specific design for hockey, is pre-sharpened and made of brushed stainless steel, with a thickness of 3.5 mm and hardness index of 52-55 HRC, the top to transmit on the ice all the power and determination of the more aggressive players.

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