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VIPER HC | Maximize your hockey performances

Designed and built to maximize performance on the hockey rink, Viper HC is Fila Skates’ model dedicated to fans of this discipline, which requires robust materials, excellent fit and a high degree of protection for the foot.

Starting from these important targets, our R & D team has developed a skate that takes care of the anatomy and the wrapping of the foot, thanks to the use of a soft velvet lining with anatomical padding, and to the felt tongue, which reduces the pressure laces effectively, allowing the foot to withstand greater stress and instantly transmit movement to the blade. The reinforced toe cap, the raised tongue and the rear spoiler guarantee a high standard of protection against impacts.

The blade is supported by an ultra-light plastic support. It is pre-sharpened, made of sturdy brushed stainless steel with an hardness index of HRC 52-55 and 3.5 mm thick, perfect for long lasting performance and maximum maneuverability, allowing a great dynamism in every game situation.

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