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VCO SKATING TEAM | Passion for teaching skating

Massimiliano Losio talks about his team of skaters, a well-established reality in the Piedmont area that wants to establish itself on a national level.
The name VCO Skating Team derives from ''Verbano-Cusio-Ossola" or the province of our origin, which is located in Piedmont. The team was founded in 2013 by Massimo Losio and his sons Cristian and Massimiliano.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a team was born from the desire to raise awareness of skating and Inline Alpine in our area. So, over the years, we have invested heavily on materials, promotional events in the cities, leafleting, appearing on provincial TV and more, all using our time and even our money...

The number of students has increased more and more, reaching steady numbers, even 60 members for each season.
Now we are looking for numerous sponsors that allow us to face the entire 2019 season, both for the World Cup and the Italian Cup, bringing all our team members to the competition team.

The company is in fact divided into two categories, school and competitive team.

The school is organized to work all year round; every Friday from 5.30 to 7.30 pm the courses are held at a tenso structure surrounded by nature, basic and advanced exercises are carried out, then some try of the disciplines of skating: Inline Alpine, Roller Skating, Inline Hockey, Roller Cross, Freestyle, Roll Ball and Inline Basket.
During the year we invent small parties in gyms and squares, also involving the county that hosts us, and not only that, we also organize entire days outside the world of skating, with hiking in the mountains, in the woods, bbqs, camps and visits to amusement parks.
Everything is aimed at creating an increasingly united group that involves everyone excluding nobody.

As for the competitive team, the focus is on Inline Alpine or Alpine Skating.
The girls and the boys are busy with workouts in the gym, exercises with skates in the tenso structure and of course sessions on the track.
Thanks to the support of the Province and some municipalities we have available many tracks where we can train, among other things, all different from each other. We have very steep slopes, flat, with curves and with changes of slope, but a fundamental thing with different types of asphalt... We pass from the trail in the high mountains, to get to that on the lake. We can close them at all hours of the day, including holidays, and for this we still have to thank the provinces and municipalities that welcome us with open arms.
However, the search for tracks never ends, as we update them every year, just like in these weeks. Thanks to the intervention of the sponsors, we will be able to bring our boys to do different races of the World Cup and Italian Cup.
With them, we have established a beautiful relationship and many times, once they have finished their training and started the individual one, we find ourselves skating together and it's a fantastic thing!

All this is the VCO Skating Team, a small reality in the north of Piedmont between mountains and lakes, but dreaming big, the results will show that we have done well to invest our time and our passion on these exceptional guys.

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