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VANITY | Colorful and brilliant

Higher than expectations!

Vanity is a declaration of a conscious and decisive style, a quad skate for all skating friends and young skating stars who seek lightweight, color and performance in their companion on the road.

An almost obligatory choice for the roller derby, where it will be the undisputed protagonist on the track, leaving adversaries and spectators stunned, thanks to the precision, the sturdiness of the structure and the unmistakable look.

In fact Vanity is not only characterized by solid and showy wheels and a truck built to withstand all the most extreme stresses: the shoe, totally inspired by the latest style sneakers, is colorful, dynamic and modern, in addition to having all the properties of comfort, support and fit that every shoe must have.

Come on, dear skaters, what are you waiting for? Vanity is there, at your disposal, do not hesitate to make it yours!

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