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THE HELMET | Safety above all

Often, we can see, even in very crowded spots, skaters who perform evolutions and push their skates at high speed, without wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, most accidents and injuries related to sporting activity are really related to not using the correct personal protection devices, just to prefer a better comfort or look. The helmet is perhaps the most important element, because it serves to protect the head, which is not exactly made as an elbow or a knee... And therefore requires tech specifications and safety far superior.

In fact, a good skating helmet must be approved for use, according to the protection features it can offer. For example, the impact resistance (which is mainly tested on the outer casing) and the quality of the internal padding that have the dual task of housing the skull cap and dissipating part of the impacts before they are transferred directly to the head.

The greater the degree of risk in the discipline performed, the more the helmet will have to be adequate: it is the case of freestyle and freeskate helmets, which omit the aerodynamic aspect to provide high protection on ramps, jumps and skate parks.

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