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THE BOOM OF INLINE SKATING | The rise to a world wide popularity

In the 80s, we assisted to a double phenom: the fast growth of inline skates and the correspondent decline of quads. The two things were clearly connected: in fact, the introduction of the more versatile, easy to handle and faster inline skates almost killed the quad skates market, relegating it to small niches and to figure skating.

Inline skate literally exploded in the early nineties: everywhere you found someone skating, from downtown to countryside. The different disciplines were codified: aggressive, fitness, recreational, urban, speed, all gathered diverse people and became famous worldwide. In those years, speed skating made many attempts to get Olympics recognization and, ever since, it only got it for the next Olympic Games in Tokyo.

It was a common view in the parks to spot a group of urban skates, dressed up like rappers and bro, making tricks around the cones or glasses put on the pavements.

And event the famous walkaways like Venice Beach were invaded by hot chicks on wheels, and sporty dudes on their fitness four-wheeled tools!
Clearly the top sportive trend of the decade, inline skating started to inspire TV shows, movies and plays around the scenes, whilst on the competitive side, many circuits and tournaments were held across all continents, making the sport so popular even to non-practicing people.

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