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In the inline skate and in the quad skate, a role of fundamental importance is covered by the wheels, which represent the only point of contact between the ground and the skater, where the force and direction of the movement is transferred. Generally, with regard to inline skating, there are two categories of wheels: those with a diameter of less than 76-78 millimeters, which are intended for aggressive and freeskate skating, since they develop less speed but are more precise and dynamic in narrow movements and more reactive on jumps; those with a diameter greater than 80 millimeters, associated with fitness and speed skating, where the diameter of the wheels exceeds even 110 mm to obtain the maximum speed and the minimum dissipation of the transmitted force. For quad skating, the wheels are wider and smaller than the inline, this is due to the demand for greater precision in the evolution and the different support that this type of skates requires.

Another key factor to consider is the number of wheels, especially with regard to inline skating: in fact, the classic four-wheel cart has seen the transition to five for speed, three for fitness with varying diameters. Solutions that any skater can, however, customize and vary, according to specific needs.

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