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TECHNOLOGIES | Thermal insulation

One of the fundamental characteristics of an ice skate is the ability to protect effectively from the cold, which, if not properly rejected both at the level of the shoe and at the bottom, compromises the comfort and therefore the performance of our skate. The ice collection of Fila Skates uses technologies developed specifically to combat this aspect, allowing, thanks to the high level achieved, to isolate the foot in a total way from the elements. For the upper part, we use a special lining designed by 3M and called Thinsulate: it is a dense fabric of very high density polyester microfibre, light and thin, which retains body heat and prevents it from dispersing, avoiding on the other side the entrance of the cold towards the foot, and also allowing moisture transpiration to the outside.

Instead, to isolate the sole of the foot from the cold transferred from the ice to the blade and then to the shoe, the Heat Reflective technology is used: a thin layer of aluminum, insulating and reflecting material, is added to the inner sole, thus constituting a real barrier against infiltration and providing the skater with maximum thermal comfort throughout the activity.

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