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SKATETIJD! Youngsters put on inline skates

SKATETIJD! is here! It is time to go skating with your friends. In the past winter, the Royal Dutch Skating Federation (KNSB) devoted much time to setting up IJSTIJD! to introduce more children to ice skating. Now, at the turn of the seasons, the thin blades are replaced by wheels, ice skates are stored away, and inline skates are woken from hibernation. IJSTIJD! turns into SKATETIJD!.

SKATETIJD! is the summer programme focused on children to show them what inline skating is all about. At inline skating associations, they can continue skating, they can improve their skating ability and take part in competitions if they like. After the clinic, they receive a letter with relevant information on associations near their home.

In this first SKATETIJD! year, associations are supported by active sponsors. Official supplier Fila Skates has made three hundred pairs of skates, helmets and guards available to children (and coaches). Sponsor Tonzon not only ensures that the clinics can be offered throughout the country, but they also see to the transport of all skates. The idea is that lack of material cannot keep anyone from participating in the clinics.

To inspire and prepare them for the clinics, the KNSB also organises schooling days for (potential) trainers during SKATETIJD!. Additionally, special teaching cards have been developed for professionally qualified teachers, gym teachers and combination officials concerning gym lessons on inline skates, lessons that should be fun in the first place. Schools can also order exercise booklets free of charge online. These booklets come in handy for preparing the class for the skate clinic in the schoolyard or the inline skating rink nearby.

With SKATETIJD! in summer and IJSTIJD! in winter, children have every opportunity to do sports on blades or wheels to their heart’s desire. Many parties cooperate in the initiative, including primary schools, skating and skeeler associations, temporary ice rinks, and skating schools. Last winter, over 250,000 children took part in school skating lessons.

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