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SKATES RENTAL | Learning and having fun

In our country, skating is not at all a sport that is facilitated, both at an infrastructural and regulatory level. An opportunity to practice it, which is becoming more and more popular in recent years, is the version on ice or synthetic tracks that are frequently opening in city centers during the Christmas period. They are almost always small and overcrowded, but still manage to give the taste of the skate even to newbies and enthusiasts of the specialty.

The rinks are always equipped with many pairs of skates for hire, which are the perfect solution for those who start to skate, for those who do not have the time or the desire to train in other situations, and for those who want to spend an hour twirling or moving in a particular atmosphere.

The ice skates for hire are therefore a fundamental tool for the dissemination of the rinks and the practice of this sport; they must therefore satisfy some fundamental characteristics in order to facilitate the user, also to induce him to continue the practice of skating: maximum comfort, thermal insulation, ease of handling, impact protection and excellent support of the ankle. All specifications that a model like our Viper RTL, designed specifically for rental, fully embraces and allows a long time use without problems of breakage or deterioration of performance. A perfect solution for the track and for the skater.

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