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SHANGHAI OPEN | Denis Shirobokov shines in the competitions at the end of 2018

Our ambassador Denis Shirobokov continues to make buzz around himself with excellent results all over the world. After the victories in slides and speed slalom competitions at Ivanovo's IvRollerFest 2018, in his Russia, Denis flew to Shanghai to take part in the prestigious Slalom Open, one of the most important and internationally ranked events, certainly the highest contest level in Asian land. The participation is huge (Denis was surprised by the number of participants in the slides competition, 73, he had never entered a contest with so many opponents) and with a very high profile, with the most important names of the specialties and all the strongest Asian skaters, especially from China.

In any case, Denis brilliantly passed the qualifying batteries, only to surrender after some spectacular runs in the semi-final, then going on to win the consolation final for an excellent 5th place finish (first overall among European athletes) in slides competition.

Congratulations to our very strong Russian athlete and we are waiting for him again on the podium in 2019.

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