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SEVEN STARS MOOVEMENT | Al Schiavone commitment for freestyle

SEVEN STARS MOOVEMENT Freestyle Sports Association was founded in 2017 by Al Schiavone, instructor trained at the Italian Federation of Rotational Sports, with the aim of spreading in Cuneo the reality of freestyle sports, a little mistreated, for wrong stereotypes that consider them dangerous.

After years of requests to the institutions to get a skate park suitable to meet the needs of children and to bring the little ones closer to these disciplines, a small area was set up.
The next effort was to prepare our children to practice skating, giving the guidelines well defined and technically correct, with the use of all the protections, sometimes a little inconvenient, but essential to safely experience this beautiful sport and exceed your limits.

After just one year of activity, the results were above all expectations. 170 members were enrolled, both children and adults, aged between 4 and 41 years.

Thanks to these wonderful families who believed in the project, we accomplished:
- 3 three-level inline roller courses for children, teenagers and adults;
- 1 course of parkour of 2 levels, boys and adults;
- 1 skate course for children;
Courses are held in three different locations in the province (Cuneo, Bernezzo and Genola / Fossano).

Welcomed with open arms by Summer School, after school initiatives, elementary schools and high school Institutes to promote activities, with a little good intention anyone can start practicing these freestyle sports and then, with the right training, get amazing results and unique sensations.
The future objectives of Seven Star Moovement are to continue the activity of promotion and teaching of freestyle sports, enlarging the available spaces, and improving the training of instructors in order to better the knowledge of the body and transmit in a more scientific way to the students.

Huge thanks from the association to all those who collaborate for the success of the courses, in particular to Fila Skates for providing the equipment thus allowing many people who did not have the opportunity to try freestyle skating.

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