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SAFETY | Protective gears

A big mistake to avoid when skating is to skip, more or less consciously, the protections that are normally used on wrists, elbows and knees, in addition to the helmet. Unfortunately, this lack of attention often involves risks that turn into painful injuries and slow and tumultuous recovery, in the event of accidents or falls.

For this reason, Fila Skates has always recommended the use of skating protections, in any situation and for any level of skater, from the beginner to the professional. The elbow, wrist and knee pads of our collection are designed to absorb impacts, contain slipping while avoiding abrasion and in any case add a certain degree of safety to skating, without compromising the mobility and skills of each individual skater. Durable materials on the outside and anti-allergic / antibacterial fabrics in contact with the skin, also making it easy to wear all the components, especially to help the little ones.

But don't forget the helmet, we talked about it a while ago, the head is precious!

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