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ROLLER POWER | A story on wheels

To properly tell you about the origins of Roller Power we have to bring you back in 1994. In that year, Nelson Mandela was elected president, Roberto Baggio shot in the air his penalty kick, Ayrton Senna pulled his Tamburello curve, Frank Sinatra closed his last live concert, while in Italy the practice of inline skating took off. Also in Crema, a group of friends starts to roam the streets of the center and find themselves every Sunday in the parking lot of a well-known shopping center that since became the main spot of the city.

This group was the Crazy Skater Crew, in which there was also the legendary Riccardo Zanotti, probably some of you know for the Zsport store. Lots of jumps, grinds and heartbreaking slalom among the quiet patrons of the streets of the city center, and few years later, the crew became more and more numerous and renamed the Los Amigos Team (Crema's first blader team).

With our wine-colored sweatshirts we made all sort of things, and in 1998 our contest, Xcream, was born, thanks also to our dear friend Andrea Pastormerlo, the coach of everyone and the first technician of the Italian national freestyle team, who brought us on the way of the Contest. Our first participation in a Freestyle Contest is at the home of the Unite Vigevano team.

Important names of freestyle participate in the Xcream and have fun, the audience assists intrigued to evolutions supporting the Cremaschi boys committed to the maximum to be well represented.

When the freestyle team seemed to be on the launch pad, things changed for various reasons and the group unfortunately melted, but once again thanks to the tenacity of Riky Zanotti and the passion of the remaining boys, one evening in 1999 at Club 20 (historical meeting point of the team and legendary local in Crema), the first Roller Power was born and thanks to the US Acli it became a real sport association.

The U.S. Acli is the only sports promotion agency in Crema attentive to new sports, that already in the early 90s started skating courses for children and adults. Currently Roller Power still runs its courses and trains thanks to the U.S. ACLI.

In 2000, with our enviable blue and orange uniforms, we participate in the first FIHP Freestyle Championship in history (today FISR), bringing home great results and the first national champion titles in High Jump, the discipline that will become the team's trademark.

The following three years are full of real emotions and leave beautiful memories to the whole team: summers spent in contests around Italy, shows in squares with thousands of people behind the barriers, record results, victories, loves and new friendships .

Memorable the trip to the contest in Lausanne, sleeping in the car and skating from 8 am to 4 am and when there was nothing to do... again all around the city as in the beginning.

In 2003, things changed again, and Marco Sammuri, the first trainer of Roller Power, led the group; unfortunately you can not carry on the name of the team but we continued to compete, make shows and win, wearing the uniform of the Unite Vigevano.

Do not count the wet sweatshirts used to train with Marco. Fatigue? Yes, but also many satisfactions and teachings about falling, getting up and not giving up.

In 2009 Marco passed the baton of the team to Marcello Riviera, who was already a militant in the Los Amigos Team.

In 2010 Marci, together with Stefano Stabilini, great athlete of the team, decided to re-establish Roller Power, the same that in 2012, composed of only six athletes, brought home his best result ever obtained, with all the boys medalized, monopolizing the national high jump podium of the students category.

The team, however, is only the tip of the iceberg of a strongly growing movement, and Susanna Scotti, a pupil of Marco, arrives at the helm of the various courses, and with Stefano Sammuri (Marco's brother) cultivates future athletes.

In 2014 Marco starts to conquer the Canary Islands and Marcello has to leave the team (but this separation will last only a year), so everything passes into the hands of Susi, who continues undaunted making herself in four, expanding the number of students enrolled in the courses. In the same year Susanna will bring her first student, future Italian champion, to national competitions.

In the torrid summer of 2015 Susi and Marci accompany the boys to the National races in Calabria, with an epic and unforgettable journey in a van.

From that trip the list of medals won by our athletes, both physical and moral, is now long, the result of many sacrifices, will, a lot of fun and a bit of madness.

Today, Roller Power is not just a team, but a large family, made up of skaters of all ages and levels, in which regional and national champions skate, sharing joy and pain in the pure playful spirit that has always distinguished it.

A team that knows how to have fun and knows how to entertain with shows on the asphalt of squares and on the stage of the theater, in collaboration with Freemove Shop and with Fila Skates. A great thanks to all those who have given and that give us a great support. We are already inviting everyone for the next year's celebrations, 20 years of Crema Freestyle Riders.

We do not stop, keep on rolling;)

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