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RODRIGO MORI SOTO | A new athlete joins Fila Skates team

Rodrigo Mori, young talented Slalom skater, joins the ranks of Fila Skates Crew. At only 25 years, he is already in second place of the World Slalom Skating Association' Ranking (WSSA) at level Peru, and aims for more!

In 2014, almost by chance, he put on skates for first time and, although he started practising aggressive, immediately fell in love with Slalom. He still did not dominate the back skating or the more advanced braking, but, instinctively, learned the basic Slalom tricks and knew that it was his style.

He considers that his greatest characteristic is perseverance. The movements are not simple, but you do not have to hesitate to invest your time in practising, harder and harder. Rodrigo confesses that he feels afraid before starting to perform a new trick, but the emotion for the Slalom can be more and that's when he emphasizes his perseverance.

In each competition, Mori seeks to stand out and be in the best positions, but above all have fun. He insists on that same thing with his students in the school where he teaches skating, to grow as athletes and have more fun. From his experience as a professional skater, and with his studies in psychology, he has the goal of motivating and promote Slalom skating.

Finally, his great commitment is that competitiveness in Peru grows. Also, he serves as an international representative of the Peruvian Slalom, so that the world can notice the talent that hails from this beautiful piece of South America.

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