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RICCARDO ALESSANDRINI | A very young star in Roller Cross

Today we discover the amazing performances by Riccardo Alessandrini, a very young skater (he’s only 9 years old) who has repeately made it to the highlight reel in the past few weeks.

On April 22nd, in Rovigo, he participated in the FIRS Veneto Regional Championship with his team, and also took the gold in the individual competition for Roller Cross, Giovanissimi category, a very important feat for a kid who’s only been training on skates since one year and a half. He proudly skates with our NRK junior!

Riccardo is trained by his father, who has been an avid skater for the last 30 years or so, in a skating team of Peschiera del Garda named Rollershow. Besides being super-skilled in roller cross and especially in long jump, he also prefers aggressive skating among other specialties. He also skis during wintertime and plays basketball in his hometown squad.

This year he also went on to be the testimonial for Rollerpoter official brochure, a skating school for both grown-ups and kids, which helds lessons in many different spots in northern Italy.

Congrats to Riccardo for his achievements and good luck for his brightful future on skates!

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