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PRO TIPS | Some advices from Al Schiavone

Al Schiavone is a FILA Skates proud ambassador, and a devoted pro skating instructor. He shares with us some advices from his experience both on field and outside, highlighting his commitment to teaching and skating.

What gave you the opportunity to share your skating passion?
I became a freestyle coach for the Italian Wheel Sport Federation (FIRS) and the choice was natural.

Let’s dig a little deeper in the teaching. How does your body benefit from inline skating workout?
The beauty of skating is that it allows you to work with the entire body and exercise with different types of motion skills.

What kind of emotions do you feel while skating and teaching?
The greatest emotion for me is mastery the art of using an instrument connected to your body.

What is your favorite moment of the day for skating? 
The favorite moment is  when I am in front of a new spot, there I have to open my mind to skate the best possible way and the more stylish I can…

When do you think people should start skating?
If you start skating as a child, it will give you some wonderful emotions that will help you to overcome your limits.

What would you suggest to become real skaters?
I think we all need to have fun, being together with other skaters, trying to become better and better and overcome our limits, keeping an eye always on safety, and this will make every one of us a real star!

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