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PLACE TO SKATE | Paris, la ville lumière

Paris, city of lovers, enchanting metropolis, fascinating and complex, which connects tradition and modernity with a romantic heart. For fans of skating, a real treat, to be discovered in every corner, on any boulevard in the French capital. We can stroll with our fitness skates in some long and inspiring workouts on the banks of river Seine, reaching without too much effort famous places like the Hopital des Invalides, the Île de la Cité, the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris... And then why not run alongside the Champs Elysèe, up to the famous crossroads of the Arc de Triomphe.

Of course, from here we can continue to the Eiffel Tower, a city symbol, and linger in the gardens of the Trocadero.

But there are also opportunities for the most extreme skaters; in fact, in the business area of La Defense, the walls, the concrete ramps to access the skyscrapers and the precise corners of the streets are an exceptional skate park, where you can always test new tricks and bring the skating to the limit, under the astonished eyes of the professionals in suits and tie, working in offices and looking, maybe with a little envy.

Finally, during the winter period, we can find many ice skating rinks, which can enrich our romantic holiday with that sporty touch that never hurts.

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