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NRK JR | Unleash your instinct

Are you a young rampant who wants to get noticed? You always wanted to become a skater, do some tricks and breathtaking turns, but don't know where to start? Here is the skate for you! Fila Skates thinks about all the young skaters with the NRK JR model, an inline skate that grows with the foot of the little ones, thanks to the size adjustment mechanism. Moreover, it is very easy to conduct, to learn quickly while having fun. The structure is designed to always protect the foot and ankle: the plastic shell is sturdy and light, the cuff wraps around the ankle and the instep with anatomic padding and the closure system allows you to adjust, quickly and easily, the lacing at all times.

What are you waiting for? Choose NRK JR and you are ready to learn to skate and become one of our top-skilled skaters.

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