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NRK CARBON, SUPERB VERSATILITY | Freeskate in a sporty and durable platform

Think of a free skating common issue… Breaks, ripping and more…

Fila Skates delivers a durable, versatile and really enjoyable skate to perform all your tricks and get the utmost maneuverability: the NRK CARBON.

The liner is soft and comfortable, without giving up on performance and sport look, and has a precise and customizable fit, thanks to velcro strap, laces and instep buckle. The shock absorbing insert on the heel protects against impacts after long or high jumps. The shell, built with molded and injected high tech materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass, providing a huge degree of lightness and protection, increases stability of the foot, durability and control, and it adds more customization with the cuff adjustable buckle.

The chassis is made in extruded aluminium with a lowered profile, giving more stability and control, hence providing great lightness. The wheels are Fila Skates own URBAN 80mm/84A, reliable and durable; completing the solid block, the aluminium spacers and the 8mm race axles.

For all skaters looking for performances, control, increased durability and trustability of their skate, in all situations and use.

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