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NIGHTSKATE | Skating in Holland at night

On last Friday, Fila Skates was protagonist at the important FNS (Friday Night Skate) in Amsterdam, a skating event which takes place every week, even in the winter time, since 1997. The start of the route in the scenographic Vondelpark and goes through the main, famous roads of the Dutch capital.

This year, at least seven of these events will feature Fila as main sponsor of the skating rendez-vous, in connection with some of the most important dealers of Amsterdam dealers, like Skate Dokter and Thisissoul, and Skatezone taking care of the resting area.

Fila provides skates for people to test on the route, and if they like them, they can buy right away with a fancy discount from one of the dealers that are attending the Nightskate. A good time to give it a try and spare some money!

Not only Amsterdam, though: Fila is making a presence also in all the other Nightskates held in the Netherlands, with events running every week or two in big cities like Zwolle, Haarlem and also Twente (Hengelo).

Here there are the scheduled event for the upcoming couple of months:


9. Haarlem

11. Amsterdam

18. Zwolle

18. Hengelo

23. Haarlem

25. Hengelo



1.  Amsterdam

6.  Haarlem

8.  Hengelo

15. Zwolle

15. Hengelo

20. Haarlem

22. Amsterdam

22. Hengelo

29. Hengelo

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