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NATURAL TRAINING | A new way of training

Our athlete Massimiliano Losio has developed an innovative training technique and he decided to share it with us, to let everyone try and appreciate it. Here is the description in the words of Massimiliano.

I called it Natural training, because 90% based on nature. When I made this choice I had a lot of criticism, because everyone claims that training at the gym is essential because you can train every single muscle correctly. I have made a different choice.

The Natural Training is nothing more than training in nature, also mixing various disciplines, such as running, cycling, skating, wrestling etc ... Then of course here everyone is free to do what he likes, in reality there is not a real card to follow.

How useful is it to practice sports? First of all, you always work in contact with nature, which is a great help for your head.

The training places can vary, mountain, river, lake, sea, hill, plain, forest; in these contexts one can perceive the energy of nature and this greatly helps muscle and mental growth.

My workouts consist of these exercises:
1) Walk a minimum of 20 km at a fast pace in the mountains.
2) Sprint flat or uphill with my dog. Now I can hold up for a meter, staying in front of him, then he reaches me.
This is also helping me a lot to create a fantastic relationship with him, in fact he follows me in almost all the training. And then of course it helps me in the starts during the races.
3) Skates rides of 30 km, passing secondary roads that are as much as possible in contact with the natural elements.
4) Cycling routes through the woods and across the cycle route that runs along the river Toce, practically on the 30 km cycle route.
5) Meditation. This thing may seem out of place, but it is not. Practicing meditation in nature, along with my dog, I can find all the strength and move forward, mentally growing both for everyday life and for the life of an athlete.
6) Thanks to a former semi-professional wrestler of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), I train in a meadow practicing hand to hand combat. This is making me very agile and with very fast reflections, then helping me in the slalom. But at the same time, it increases the resistance to pain and fatigue.
7) Exercises that you do in the gym, such as lunges, push-ups, crunches and squats, I always practice them outdoors and use dumbbells that I bring from home to train arms, back and chest.
8) With the arrival of winter, I will also do cross-country skiing, in a track near my house.
9) Finally I also practice the Inline Alpine (Alpine Skating).

All of this is part of my training, I'm getting results that I never had at the gym. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, you suffer from the heat and now the cold, but it is something that I recommend to everyone. It really trains all the muscles of the body, with time you can achieve better results than with traditional training.

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