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MINDBLOWER LOGO | A comeback with style

One of the styles that distinguished the history of sneakers, between the end of the '80s and the mid-nineties, was undoubtedly the Fila Mindblower logo, the deformed variant that appeared on the footwear carrying the same name, true protagonist of the life of teenagers of the period, from New York to Paris to Tokyo. Aggressive, conceptual, it married very well with the request for easy and lightheartedness of those years, when the fun and the desire to group meant everything for young people and not only..

Fila Skates has resumed, in the wake of the presentation of the re-edition of the Fila sneaker, the Mindblower logo in the new spring-summer collection, thus signing some models even belonging to different categories, with excellent results: like the Gift man skate, which really looks like a urban sneaker, ready for new challenges.

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