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MEGATEST 2018 | A massive testing day for all the family!

Another big appointment for skating community is set to happen in Czech Republic next Saturday, April 21st.
On this day, in fact, the 10th edition of Inline Megatest will take place in the exclusive venue of the Exhibition Centre in Brno, precisely the Hall B, close to the velodrome.

Starting at 10:00 in the morning and till 6:00 in the afternoon, there will be the possibility for anyone to test for free inline skates, scooters, trolleys and also taste some energy bars, hydrolytic and energy drinks, with a multitude of brands on location, with their products.

Besides the testing, there will be also many events throughout the day, such as skating lessons, scooter basics, freestyle demonstrations and games for kids. A great day to spend with the whole family, with lots of space (the hall is bigger than a football stadium or two handball fields) to fully enjoy the experience.

Fila Skates will be part of the event, with our inline skating collection available to test and our staff happy to assist people with suggestions, tips and all the professionalism of our Czech team.

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