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MATTEO ALLEGRINI WINS IN CHINA | Great results at Shanghai and Wuyishan

Our Matteo Allegrini, in the past few weeks, has starred in two very important events, organized in Shanghai and Wuyishan, in China.

From 16 to 18 November he took part in the Shanghai Slalom Open competition, one of the most important freestyle events in the world. Indeed, skaters from all parts of the world such as Italy, France, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Taipei, Iran and of course China have competed in some of the most demanding freestyle disciplines, including speed slalom, slide, style classic and style Battle .

Matteo managed with some very tight runs to finish in eighth place out of forty participants in the speed slalom race, with a brilliant net time of 4,500 obtained in qualifying. In the race, our athlete used the Fila Skates NRK Carbon skates with three 100mm wheels, a configuration that is now firmly on top of his preferences.

The following week, once again in China but further south, in the Fujian region and more precisely at the Wuyishan Roller Skating Festival, Matteo won the speed slalom competition, beating this time the international competitors and the crowded patrol of local athletes . A result of prestige that once again rewards our young champion's efforts.

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