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MASSIMILIANO LOSIO | A true passion for Inline Alpine skating

Massimiliano Losio, member of Fila Skates pro team, has always been passionate about skiing, and grew up training on the slopes of his mountains, close to the town of Domodossola where he was born 24 years ago. Unfortunately, a bad injury put and end to his uprising career as a pro skier very early, and by chance he discovered the world of Inline Alpine, a discipline where inline skating meets slalom, performed on roads with poles; you need the ability of a skier and the fast moving of a skater to be on the top of the rank.

Massimiliano got them all together: he became training for this sport when he was 13, and immediately succeeded on a European level: he captured consecutive European Championship in road to positioning himself on the map of world elite skaters. He started to compete regularly in the EuroCup, before, and later moved on the World Cup, earning great results and competing every year for the final ranking, getting second place in both 2016 and 2017. He’s determined to win the circuit in 2018, to cap an incredible amount of wins all over the world, that made him one of the stars of Inline Alpine, with many federations in Europe contending for his presence at events and demonstrations to increase the diffusion of the discipline.

As member of Italian team, Massimiliano shares his passion with his brother, also an Italian national, and his father, who represents his guide for the sport and the trainer of Italian squad. 2018 will be a busy year: World Cup, World Championship and Italian championship are on the line, with Massimiliano ready for the challenge together with Fila Skates and its NRK Pro model; he often expresses gratitude and appreciation towards the brand, for the support it showed him in these years.

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