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MARJAU | A true passion for skating

Fila Skates welcomes in its ambassadors team Jaume Garcia Beneyte, aka Marjau, one of the best known skaters in Spain, active as a skating evangelist after a lifetime spent on skates.

In fact, in his memories he has always been a skater. He has ventured into hockey, slalom, freeskate and lately also in speed, even if he considers himself a modest interpreter of this specialty. His commitment to the diffusion and teaching of skating is however the most important part of his work, with the development of many projects, such as the creation of Sk4Life in 2013, a non-profit association, of which he has always been the president and main protagonist, thanks to which thousands of people have learned to love skating with the help of free teaching by an incredible number of volunteers.

In 2012, his decision to create a collection of tutorials gave beginners, and those who started skating, some practical guides on how to perform tricks, how to brake, and much more. This project was immediately supported by Inercia Shop, and thanks to the collaboration of some of the most renowned brands of skates, such as Fila Skates, the video products were rewarded with hundreds of thousands of views, thus rewarding Marjau of the efforts made in this adventure.

In 2018 the Spanish athlete is ready for new, exciting challenges, and at his side there will be Fila Skates. Bienvenido, Marjau!

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