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MARCELLO RIVIERA| A life on skates

I wonder if my parents, when they gave me the first skates at only 3 years of age, would have never imagined that they would have accompanied and marked all my life, certainly they could not imagine all the bumps that I took or that skating would have taught me to fall and rise again.
In any case, thanks mom and dad :)

The love for inline comes in 1994, when I received the first pair (they were not Fila Skates, but this will be our little secret, or else they will fire me...).
Since that day I have not taken them off and, thanks to the Los Amigos Team and Riccardo Zanotti (my father of skates), I have learned to appreciate skating in all its urban forms, with a propensity to aggressive and jump, and always thanks to them I discovered the shows in the squares and the first contests.

With the end of the 90s Roller Power was born, the team in which at first as an athlete and then as a coach I had and I still have great achievements.
Come on, it's time to strut, in the early 2000s, thanks also to Marco Samurai (my coach), I have won several times the regional and national high jump and roller cross championships FHIP (today FISR) and if you think that by now I'm old, I tell you that the last national gold of high jump is 2017, with a jump of 2.70 m. The races are beautiful, but the thing that I prefer are the shows in the squares and thanks to the Flip, which I have always loved, I skated the squares throughout Italy.

Since 2012 I'm part of the Fila Skates crew, honestly I did not expect to receive a sponsorship at 26 but from that day together we have gone through  many adventures, including FreeSKeITA, a beautiful road trip that shows Italy with the spirit of bladers.

The collaboration with Fila Skates has become increasingly close, leading me to create different photographic projects for catalogs, videos for new products and t-shirt illustrations.
Today I teach and train in two companies, the Roller Power of Crema along with my adventure mate Susanna Scotti, and "A Ruota Libera" of Bergamo together with my sweet half Irene Misani.

Teaching and transmitting the passion for this sport to children and adults has become my daily life, which I would hardly change.
When I do not train, I go back to playing in the streets of the city, combining the aggressive with freeskate skates, one thing you will think crazy; but it can be done and since 2013 this has become my style.

At the top I have several skating projects, some easily achievable, others that need support... I do not reveal them because then if I do not realize them you will think badly...
Now enough with the words, I'm going out for some skating :)

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