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MADAME HOUDINI | For training and more

For the most demanding skaters, that require a skate dedicated to fitness and training, with high protection thanks to the plastic structure, all-around performance and a look not to go unnoticed, Madame Houdini is the perfect solution.

As soon as worn, this shoe is comfortable and gives perfect support to the ankle, thanks to the presence of a rigid cuff, micro-adjustment locking lever and anatomic padding, thus allowing an effective transfer of force to the wheels, for immediate changes of direction and maximum dynamism .

The fit, specific for the female foot, is customizable thanks to the closure system composed of laces and double lever, on the instep and cuff. On the heel a shock absorber insert is able to effectively dissipate the impact with the ground. The frame, made of aluminum, delivers lateral adjustment, plus it offers housing for two different sets of wheels: it can in fact carry 4 wheels of 80 or 84 mm, or 3 wheels of 90 or 100, to allow all our fans to customize to the maximum the way they skate.

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