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LAMINE FATHI IS PURE ENERGY | The French star is rocking on his beloved Fila Skates NRK Pro

Lamine Fathi is one of the best known Fila Skates worldwide ambassador. He’s a professional athlete and skate, who spent the last 30 plus years practicing and becoming a master in the vert ramp discipline.

Rookie of the year in 2001 season, wore record holder, he participated in all the biggest events alla over the world, the kind of X-GAMES, Gravity Games, Pro Tour, FISE, World Extreme Games, ASA and many more.

He is reckon for a personal style interpreting vert ramp, and for his ability to trace incredible aerial maneuvers, both on ramps and on the streets.

In addition to his professional career as an athlete, Lamine was also involved in acting and dancing projects, especially for the show Blanca Li (Macadam
Macadam), which received a Cristal Globe in 2007 for Best Performance in Opera/ Dance.

Recently, Lamine was busy with his Fila NRK Pro, and showed off all his skills with a new, exciting video.

Also don’t forget to visit Lamine’s FB page:

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