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INLINE SKATING CATEGORIES | Choosing among all disciplines

The first question that a person who approaches skating should ask is: which type of skating will I practice? Based on the choice, it is necessary to determine the type of skate most appropriate to the practice.

There are various types of inline skates, let's see briefly what they are.

This is the most common type, for those who simply want to get out and skate. They are comfortable, easy to maneuver and stop, which allow a pleasant use between the streets of the center or for a light workout. They are usually softer, to have greater comfort during use, with a rigid cuff to increase lateral support. As lacing, we also find laces, levers, straps and ratchet levers at the same time.

These are the skates designed for those who want to train or get back in shape using the skates, then increase performance, traveling longer distances in less time. Essentially, fitness skates are like recreational ones, but with more performing materials, lower weight, bigger wheels and greater breathability, necessary for optimal comfort during athletic effort.

Speed ​​skates are designed to give velocity. They are lightweight, with the most advanced components, minimalist design and wheels designed to encourage acceleration and faster pace, normally thanks to a diameter of more than 100 mm. The cuff is lowered to minimize weight. For the race, the frame is often made of carbon, to promote maximum speed.

Become popular in recent years, these skates have features for fitness or recreational skating, with the typical look of an aggressive skate. They are therefore more resistant and can withstand the stresses caused by tricks, jumps and other aggressive maneuvers. The frame is shorter, wheels have a larger diameter so as not to lose, at the same time, in speed and maneuverability.

Inline Hockey skates
Hockey with inline skates is a rapidly growing discipline that sees practitioners of all ages, with the advantage of being able to practice this sport all year round, especially in those places where the ice does not arrive.
The design of these skates is very similar to that of ice hockey. They are made of strong leather and stitching reinforcements, with numerous details in sophisticated materials such as carbon fiber to contain weight and support the structure.

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