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ICE TRAINING | Keep the right shape in wintertime

When it comes to winter training for outdoor sports, it is often a difficult task, due to the environmental conditions and the need to protect the body from cold and bad weather. In the case of skating, the variant on ice allows the athlete and the enthusiast to maintain a correct body shape and to continue working on his discipline in an efficient manner.

Both in the case of speed skating, for slalom and also for figure skating, it is possible to develop specific training plans for ice, which through basic drills, speed and joint mobility make progress in their discipline with constancy. Only in the case of the figure there are substantial differences in the equipment, since the blade does not reproduce perfectly the sensations of the quad; however, you can make vaulting and try the same movements even on the frozen surface.

For speed, there is finally the possibility of exploiting icy rivers and lakes to make long distance endurance sessions, certainly more stimulating and less boring than the repetitions composed of countless laps inside indoor rinks.

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