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ICE HOCKEY | A real must in Northern countries

The sport on ice par excellence in the Nordic countries and in North America, ice hockey is a discipline that combines the extreme skill on skates of the players to the ability to move with the goal of scoring or avoiding the signatures by the opponents, all using a specific stick and a puck that floats on the ice. In the US, it is one of the four major national sports, along with football, baseball and basketball, and has seen the emerging of a league gathering many professional teams, the NHL, that organizes a long championship between October and April, with American and Canadian franchises. However, hockey for these nations is more than a game at the sports palace: in winter, when temperatures drop a lot and the waters of the rivers and lakes freeze, it is possible to see a multitude of boys and adults who play almost in their backyard.

This spread of sport is certainly favored by the climate, but also by the conformation of the terrain, not surprisingly the north of the USA and Canada are dotted with countless lakes and streams, as well as Finland, Russia and Sweden, others countries where ice hockey is particularly popular and widespread.

There are plenty of accessories and hockey gears, but only three are really essential: the specific skates for this discipline, the stick and the puck. With these, we can play anywhere. And if we are without puck, patience, we will use an emergency disk perhaps made with a piece of cardboard. The important thing is to protect yourself from the cold and discover that this game, apparently difficult to interpret, is simpler and more fun than you think.

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