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HOUDINI | Use all your passion

Among the skates dedicated to fitness, there is a product that excites, in the name and for performance, dedicated to those who want to push and have fun, on any occasion.

Houdini is perfect for moving around the streets of the city and for sustaining intense training sessions: thanks to its sturdy structure, consisting of cuff and shell in rigid materials, it offers superior protection, unparalleled support and excellent propensity for performance outside the normal, even without realizing it!

The lacing system of this inline skate allows maximum customization of the fit, with levers on the instep and ankle, and laces on the liner. The frame can accommodate two different sets of wheels, according to the skater's decision: four 80 or 84 mm wheels, for easier and more enjoyable training, or three 90 or 100 wheels, to push your effort to maximum speed.

Treat yourself to intense emotions with the Houdini inline skate by Fila Skates.

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