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GRANT | For sneakers fanatics

The sneakers, what a passion. A continuous succession of models, collaborations and different stories. But what are the cornerstones? Surely the basketball models of the 80s, the first Jordan, the All-Star... And the famous Fila shoes, seen at the feet of many basketball champions.

From this iconic model derives the Fila Skates Grant quad skate, designed for those who want to skate and stand out at the same time, in fact wearing a shoe that made history. The upper part could therefore be confused with the sneaker, with the bicolor black / white look of the liner, the lacing with cotton string and the raised ankle profile. Comfortable and damn modern. Below, however, we do not find the herringbone outsole, but a nice trunk in aluminum, sturdy and light, which allows dynamic and fast evolutions, with quad configuration, quality wheels and polyurethane brake for durability and responsiveness.

With this skate, it will be possible to flash through the streets of the center, get noticed at the skate park and on every rink, in a way never seen before.

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