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GHIBLI VERSO | Control at maximum speed

Do you want to skate the roads of your training at maximum speed?

Here is the inline skate that's right for you: Ghibli Verso, designed for fitness and even intensive training, for long sessions dedicated to speed and endurance, always in the maximum comfort of a lightweight and high-performance skate. Ghibli Verso is built aiming for top foot transpiration, with AirFlow Pro technology this concept is at the highest level, using the air flows generated by the movement to favor the internal ventilation of the foot pocket, thus facilitating the climatic comfort even during important efforts, that lead to an increase in temperature and sweating.
Perfect skates therefore also for the warmer season, to continue and intensify training without worries.

The comfy structure of the liner, made with the SoftWear technology by Fila Skates, is coupled with a minimal cuff, which supports the ankle and facilitates forward movement, helping the transmission of force towards the frame and the wheels, which are also developed to reach high speed and lightness. The extruded aluminum truck is compact and accommodates three 110 mm wheels, which allow perfect control in all situations, even at top speeds.

Ghibli Verso will become your precious ally to increase your performance and your resistance for ever greater emotions in inline skating.

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