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FREESKATE | More than a lifestyle

Freeskate isn’t just a discipline. Actually, how can you define something that has no precise boundaries? Freeskate is everything about expression, from the way you interprete skating to the sense of belonging to a privileged community, a tribe…

But what does it mean embracing freeskate as a sport and as a philosophy? 
Being free, that’s it. Free to warm up with your own tricks, free to invent new movements, free to enjoy the streets and create your own, unique course. It has not to be in the purest of style: just grab your Fila skates, put on some protections and give life to your ideas. Freeskate means also a different approach to appearance: no dress code, it is fun and cool to rock fancy t-shirt, destroyed blue jeans and thousands of accessories.

Fila Skates dedicated an entire segment of its collection to freeskate, the NRK. The skates in the line are designed specifically to let riders perform the way they like, with superior maneuverability, a great design and excellent durability for the most aggressive and intensive skaters!

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