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FOCUS TECH | Inline skating construction technology

Inline skates have become, over the years, real concentrates of cutting-edge technological solutions, aimed essentially at increasing overall performance of the tool. Let's see what technologies and materials are used in the inline.

One of the revolutions in the construction of skates was the use of carbon fiber especially in the frame and in some parts of the shell; this material, extremely lighter than aluminum, which is the standard for constructing a quality chassis, entails a considerable increase in the production cost of the skate, but guarantees a unique lightness, and also considerable stability and power transmission properties on the wheels; the only flaw with respect to aluminum is more subject to breaks and crack formation.

Another evolution compared to the past has been the introduction of liner ventilation systems, with the insertion of large panels of resistant mesh in critical points, such as the tip and side walls of the skate. These air circulation systems increase foot comfort for more intense use and training.

Finally, in the case of the speed category, there has been a progressive elimination of all components deemed unnecessary to the speed skater, leaving only a minimalist liner and going to modify the frame / wheel structure to have maximum maneuverability and speed in every situation.

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