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FLEUR | Elegance, style, determination

In the new spring / summer collection by Fila Skates, some models stand out for their design and decisiveness. Among these, one of the protagonists is certainly Fleur, a quad skate dedicated to the most demanding in terms of color matchings and looks. At first glance, what strikes the attention, even to the least curious in terms of details, is the presence of the Fila Mindblower logo, which comes back decisively this year, following the vintage trend of overseas sneakers.

But Fleur is much more than a logo: it is a declaration of style, and at the same time, thanks to the construction of quality and the technologies used in the realization, a quad skate of excellence, able to accompany the best skaters in evolution, jumps, dance or simply in the streets of the center. The structure, light but sturdy, is designed to withstand all these stresses, allowing in every condition an effective transmission of the force towards the truck and responding precisely to changes in direction and special moves.

The choice is yours: pink or blue?

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