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DAVIDE TACCHINI | The downhill skating champ is passionate about his sport

Davide Tacchini is proudly one of Fila Skates top ambassadors.

The skaters from Piacenza has collected an impressive number of achievements throughout his long pro career, most of them in his preferred discipline, downhill inline skating, but he has been practicing also speed skating, pro hockey both in Italy (where he played in the national first division) and in the US, and has completed long endurance skating adventure, a particular field of inline skating where he hold the World Record for skating up the river Nile (1470 km in a ten days effort!).

For Davide, skating is essentially freedom, an opportunity to compete with others, a way to connect with his body and mind, and also a relaxing and funny practice. When he had surgery that sidelined him for some months, his real pain was not to skate at all… On last September, Davide was also back on the track of the Berlin Inline marathon, the undisputed top event of inline speed skating, his first start in nearly 20 years… But he collected a lot of good vibes and, even exhausted by the unstopping rain and race pace, was really happy and satisfied by the experience.

Anyway, Davide main focus from 2000 onwards has always been downhill skating, a competition that saw him reach the top level in Italy (winning national title in 2013 and taking podiums many times) and race worldwide, taking 3rd place overall in the IIDA World Cup ranking from 2003 to 2007 and again in 2012. Downhill skating is a thrilling experience for skaters: in fact, the racers have to skate a hill, mountain or anything with a downhill track in the least possible timing. Imagine the amount of adrenaline flowing in the veins of the athletes! Speed can reach peaks of more than 100 km/h…

Skaters sometimes have to follow a traced circuit; another option is to race against other competitors (this is known as cross downhill skating) in elimination batteries, until a definitive winner is crowned.

The International Inline Downhill Association (IIDA), which has offices in Lyon, is the organization providing the regulations (click here for more info), and supervising the application of them in the downhill competitions. World Championship are held and officially recognized by FIRS. This year, Davide got a precious acknowledgement since he was elected in the IIDA World Board of Directors, the ruling committee of the international association.

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