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CHRISSY LX: Warm, comfortable and stylish

Designed for all skaters that require a touch of grace and femininity in their equipment, Chrissy LX is a skate designed and manufactured by Fila Skates to ensure excellent performance and at the same time elevate the degree of comfort, warmth and look for the most sophisticated women.

Thus, the lines and materials used in the construction of the shoe reflect these objectives: the outer part is made of synthetic fabric, with a strong denim inspiration, and synthetic leather reinforcements in the most stressed areas. The lacing system, easy to lock, is reinforced by the presence of a velcro strap on the ankle, which actually increases the feeling of security in the foot housing. The Thinsulate lining, a material that ensures maximum thermal insulation, is coupled with faux fur that will satisfy even the most demanding gals, and the intent of maximizing the creation of a proper internal microclimate is achieved with the inserted thermal reflective insole, which helps to maintain the foot warm.

The blade is made of robust stainless steel with a thickness of 3.5 mm; the design is specific for figure skating, but can also perfectly adapt to recreational use and for small training sessions.

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