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BREAKDANCE on SKATES | Pure enjoyment

Want to have fun, to the rhythm of music?

Here is a solution for you, the breakdance revisited and practiced ... on quad skates! Rhythms, colors and movements are those of the hip hop phenomenon, which influenced the culture of the early 2000s more than any other form of music, as it was for rock in the seventies and pop in the 80s.

Wide trousers, zero belts, wide suits, a hat always on the head as a fundamental accessory. And a great desire to perform on different soundtracks with specific steps, with tricks to be repeated in front of friends, maybe after trying them for hours and hours ... So even with skates on their feet; more difficult but at the same time more exciting, for the speed and ability to perform faster changes and sudden stops, perhaps using the front brake as a single prop.

The only purpose, the expression of ourselves, of our mood, looking for approval and recognition in the group, showing that with our Fila Skates it is really possible any kind of use!

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