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BIKINI FITTING | Pass it with style

Worried about the costume fitting?

We have a fun and easy solution to remedy a winter of debauchery and poor physical activity, which will allow you to get ready for the tanning season.

Obviously, we talk about training with fitness inline skates, a way that is certainly pleasant and at the same time effective to tone muscles, lose weight (also combining a diet more attentive to fat and gluttony) and get a better look for the bikini fitting. We can indeed plan, even well in advance, targeted sessions to dissolve the fat mass, keeping a constant pace and prolonging the duration of the workout. In fact, once the fat burner mechanism has been triggered (usually after the first half hour of activity, but this data varies from person to person) we can obtain evident results even after a few sessions. And one advantage of inline skating, due to the double push technique, is that your legs and buttocks get more firmed and become more toned and with more developed muscles, a condition that in front of the fashionable mini bikinis will be a plus of no small interest.

So are you ready to make a little effort for a great result?

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