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BIG WHEELS | Reasons to choose them

One of the features that distinguishes, at first glance, an inline skate is certainly the wheels pack, which often immediately identifies also the use of the tool. In a nutshell, we can say that the main detail that drives the choice of a wheel is its diameter: with smaller diameters, more maneuverability and control is achieved; with very large wheels you reach unthinkable speeds compared to what you can do with smaller wheels.

We will therefore choose the larger diameter wheels to practice speed skating and long distances, since, in this way, we will have significant advantages:

  • the larger wheels are more suitable to move easily on the road and to overcome any small bumps in the asphalt;
  • at larger diameters correspond higher support bases for the skate, which allow a greater thrust to the athlete who in this way can generate greater speed;
  • wheels with large diameters can help maintain speed, reducing friction with the surface thanks to the use of specific compounds.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight that the use of larger wheels leads to a rise in the skate, with consequent lower stability and greater effort for the leg and ankle muscles; for this reason, their use is almost exclusively indicated for athletes or expert skaters.

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