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BEST PLACES TO SKATE | Hyde Park in London

There are some parks in London where it is strictly forbidden to skate, because the roads that run through them are not so wide and sometimes allow barely two people to walk at the same time.

It is not the case, however, of Hyde Park: the central and gigantic park, which stretches from Mayfair to Kensington with the natural extension of Kensington Gardens, cutting horizontally the city center, is equipped with a network of roads and perfect paths for skating, both for fun and for training. To complete the whole circle around the park you have to cover more than 5 km, but it is also pleasant to linger inside, especially along the banks of the two lakes, the Serpentine, with its typical elongated shape, and the Round Pound. You can also transit, cutting across the park, some of the most famous locations, such as the Speaker's corner, where anyone can improvise a rally on any issue, the Italian Gardens, or the Albert Memorial, just in front of the Royal Albert Hall.

So, on your next trip to London, bring your skates and experience this pleasant and scenic itinerary in the British capital.

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