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BELLA WHITE | Happiness and color in your life!

It’s all about color and happiness.

With BELLA WHITE, you enter a new world made of rolling, dancing and hanging around with friends, searching for an inspiration and having great times!

These skates are top for girls who wants to stand out of the crowd - with the original design, 80s inspired, appearing on a strong and durable structure, made with a high heel liner with synthetic reinforced outer layer. Lined with synthetic fabric, with an anatomical ankle padding for a more natural feeling, and a soft felt tongue to increase comfort in the instep area.

A lightweight base structure is designed for long lasting ride and top versatility.

Composite chassis and truck, with casted PU cushion. On the front part, the injected PU brake, easily replaceable. The ABEC 5 bearings equip the four 54x32 mm wheels, Fila Skates originals, at the top for consistency and durability.

The colorful laces offer a customizable fitting, even with different weaves and crosses of laces, for a really unique and personal skate. Your skate.

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