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AMSTERDAM | Up and down canals, also with ice

Amsterdam has always been a paradise for skaters, of all specialties and levels. In fact, the beautiful Dutch city has for many years been equipped with cycle routes also open to skaters, and numerous skate parks where local specialists meet with those from abroad to have fun together.

For those who prefer simple skating for fun, there are several possible itineraries to take all over the year, to be explored right in the historical center of Amsterdam. The tour of the internal canals, for example, takes our skates close to the main tourist attractions, such as the Rembrandt museum, the Rijks, the Van Gogh museum, the Prinsengracht, the opera house, and why not, also the historic factory of the Amstel brewery. You can also take part, every Friday, at Skate Nights, a series of events organized by the local skaters' associations in cooperation with shops and skate companies (we are there too!) which groups hundreds of fans every time, in a large peloton on wheels rolling around the city.

But it does not end here: in winter, when the temperatures get colder, in the whole city open up ice-skating rinks (one of the most beautiful is the one with the background of the imposing Rijks museum), thus increasing the opportunities for us to wear our skates and have fun while taking full advantage of all the opportunities offered by the city.

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